Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

why isnt everyone getting so excited about this, it is literally another planet look at how beautiful it is stop what your doing and look at how alien like this planet is what is living there oh my god mercury

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I can’t wait to get that bug

Anything, anything!
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♎ Libra falls in the month during Autumn and Spring; when the temperature is not too

hot, not too cold; and this is the underlying principle of the Libran archetype - to

maintain balance. The dip of the scales can represent bright optimism turning into panic

and nerves. This produces Libran’s endearing blend of intellect and personable


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one day, i may find a muse, and in her i hope to lose anything i’ve ever written or am yet to write about feeling something 

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i made moons out of old rosaries
and universes out of empty sketch books
there’s a half crescent missing inside me
this sleeping alone makes passes the days
so slowly
i have all this burning love swelling in me
like explosions of nebulas
lacerating my arteries
and i don’t want sweet talk
or books or sleep
i want a heatwave beside me
another pulse beside my ear
i want to soak into somebody
so the voice inside my head
becomes impossible to hear


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Taurus & Libra - Playing The Venus Melody  
Venus the Goddess of Love whips up her best quality potion for her natives, Taurus and Libra; instilling pronounced features of love, luck, beauty, attraction, and an adoration for all that is natural and beautiful. There is an overrepresentation of Taurus and Libra born in the music, theatre, literature, media and arts industries and many find themselves at home in the world of arts and creativity. A study of Britannica in 2009 indicated that the most number of renowned writers fell under the sign of Taurus. All that is harmonic, aesthetic, delightful and melodic comes naturally to Venusian born, and their energies resonate well the themes of purity, love, sociability, warmth and pleasure. There is a subtle seductiveness in these signs that blends a magnetic warmth of being and the generosity and tactfulness found in these personalities; it is hard not to be swept up under the spell of their potion. 
Many born under the sign of Taurus are known to have beautiful singing voices and an ear for music. As an Earth sign, Taureans navigate through their five senses, and Venusian energies add a heightened sensitivity and sensuality to the influence of our surroundings. The creativity of the Source flows through Taurus, and tied with their incredible skills of concentration, they can write renowned novels, songs, poetry and artwork. Although in speech they tend to use their words sparingly, on paper and through music, Taureans are at their most eloquent, and can write beautiful imagery and word formation. It can be hard for a Taurus to share their true feelings with the world, and through art they can divulge into the deepest and most secret worlds within themselves and transmit these through Venus’s energies. Known for their disciplined approach to hard work, Taureans abide equally as much spirit into their pleasure, and take the time to soak up the true beauty and euphony in every moment. There is nothing more calming to a Taurus than coming home to their comforts and relaxing to music, playing an instrument or reading a book. Although they won’t streak through books like their Mercurial neighbour, Gemini, they are more likely to absorb every word and deeply contemplate the magic of every scene. 
Libra is an Air sign, harnessing the abstract and intellectual side of life and fusing it with the Venusian creativity and tuneful vibrations. Librans are at home in the world of literature, and their Air element rules all that is language, words, writing, speech and communication. The social setting is comes naturally to Libra, and they have a skill for broadcasting a message to the world- whether it be through the media, music, a book or a painting. Librans can be skilled at writing both non fiction and fiction; having both the qualities of creative writing and intellectual skills of research. The sign of the scales require a certain level of harmony and tranquility in their environment, and find the world of the art very stabilizing for the terminal tipping. The abstract thought, imagination and fantasy appeal to the Libra native, and their sign embodies the beauty of the mind; through thought and intellect. 
The pen and the paintbrush can be the magic wands of Taurus and Libra, the key to unlocking the endless worlds of creativity, enchantment and imagination within them. These signs are highly attuned to the harmonies in frequency, and are calmed within themselves with their sensory environment is in balance. Libra and Taurus are the peacemakers, the broadcasters of melodies, the archetype of the Goddess of Love here to scatter her beauty, purity and artistry throughout the rest of the zodiac. 
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leo may be acquisitive, showy and materialistic but love is all they need

and they’d rather be poor and in love then have all the jewels they’ve ever dreamed of but have no one to pin the clasp together around her neck

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"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality."

Star Sign Quotes

Che Guevara

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aries is - come play with danger!
leo is - come play with me!
sagittarius is - come play with your mind!
fire signs are the playful pyromaniacs

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"When we pass by another person without telling them we love them it’s cruel and wrong and we all know this."

Star Sign Quotes

 Dave Eggers, You Shall Know Our Velocity!

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Zodiac Prayers
♈ Aries: "Dear God I want patience and I want it now!"
♉ Taurus: "God, I want to embrace change in my life but not quite yet..."
♊ Gemini: "God...or Godess..or Lillith..or .. wait, where are you? Who are you? what do you prefer to be called... oh wait what about.."
♋ Cancer: "God please bless this house and bless this mess"
♌ Leo: "God did you see what I did today?!..."
♍ Virgo: "Dear God if you ever create another world do it a bit better next time..."
♎ Libra: "Dear God, I know I should make decisions for myself. But, on the other hand, what do YOU think?
♏ Scorpio: "Dear God help give me the ability to function through a whole life with these people.."
♐ Sagittarius: "God, I don’t really know if you exist, why don’t you prove it to me?"
♑ Capricorn: "Dear God, this is what I want..."
♒ Aquarius: "Hi God! Some say you’re this; Some say you’re that!!! I say we’re ALL God. So, why pray?
♓ Pisces: "Dear God, can you please turn my water into wine overnight ..?

"When I’m lonely in a world of my own."
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Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014